10 ways to convert Holiday traffic into Orders
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10 ways to convert Holiday traffic into Orders

Holiday season is almost here and it is that time of the year where everyone is shopping to avail the crazy discount offers and also to prepare for Christmas and New Year. It is always a good idea to prepare your website ahead of time for the peak time of traffic. While you must focus on the functionality and compatibility of the website, do not forget about how to turn visitors into buyers. Not all the leads that you get are going to become conversions unless you put in extra effort for that purpose only.

A lot of brands and marketers use different tactics and tricks to increase conversion rate during holiday season. Holiday eCommerce is an actual thing and people spend quite a lot of time and money on online marketplaces. The competition is getting stronger every passing year. In the US, the holiday seasonal sales are growing since 2012 and now it has grown over 13% each year. In 2017 alone, it grew by 16.6%.

In the past, many brands have use tricks like free shipping, free returns, and flash sales etc. to convert customers. It still isn’t too effective and doesn’t necessarily convince the customers to buy from them as compared to any competitor. However, there are still some of the tips which work to increase eCommerce conversions during the holiday season.

Faster shipping is more attractive than free shipping

Shipping is one of the most important factors for customers to make the purchasing decision. Whether it is shipping fee or time, customers consider the store with the most convenient option. According to different best holiday shopping websites, most of the customers opt for flash delivery even if it means paying some extra amount. Therefore, the latest trend is to offer fast shipping to attract consumers and convert them into buyers.

Customization and relevance 

It is very important that you customize ads according to the interests of the buyers. Random ad placement can totally put people off and they won’t show any interest in your product or service. Machine learning is the best way to improvise customization and relevance. With time, machine learning is also getting better and it is benefiting the eCommerce world because buyers are getting what they want in a much shorter time. It’s all about personalization now and people are more likely to purchase from a brand which pays attention to their likes and interests. Therefore, try to personalize and customize your eCommerce experience for the buyers. Some of the machine learning features integrated in online shopping across the world are:

  • Chatbot for quick contact
  • Order process and payment merchant
  • Recommendations of relevant products and services according to the consumer’s activity
  • Faster searching possibility using the images options.

Smooth checkout experience

Checkout is what makes or breaks eCommerce websites. With 70% cart abandonment rate there is room to do better, especially if you know the top reasons for cart abandonment. One of those is linked to payment and shoppers will not hesitate to go and shop elsewhere if they can’t pay the way they want.

For early holiday shopping 2022 preparation on your website, you must try and offer more than one paying options at the time of checkout. It’s all about meeting consumers’ preferences. Sometimes they prefer PayPal because they don’t trust websites with their credit card information, and sometimes they need the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of Buy Now Pay Later solutions. Other types of shoppers also want to pay through cryptocurrency, mobile payment options like Apple and Samsung pay or convenient options like Amazon Pay or Google Wallet.

Offer samples and bundle deals

Buyers are not necessarily splurging therefore; a good value for money bundle deal is everyone’s favorite. Offer bundle offers and if possible, small samples of your products with every purchase. It intrigues the buyers and they often end up buying from the brand. Moreover, sample products also build up credibility and the customers can check if they like the product or not. Most of the time, out of fear of not liking it, people don’t buy. Therefore, samples are a great way forward for online holiday shopping 2022. 

Put out as much information as possible

It is the era of the internet and no one buys without researching anymore. Even in physical stores, people are mostly searching for information and reviews on the internet through different platforms. Mainly it is social media or Google. You should become the source of information yourself. Put out as much information regarding your brand, product/service as possible. It gives surety to buyers and they feel confident in spending on the brand. 

Know your audience

You must know your audience. It will help you in targeting the right people who will actually buy instead of just scrolling past the advertisement. Moreover, as we talked earlier, personalization makes people feel more valuable and knowing your audience will help you in personalization as well. One of the ways of how to put Shopify store on vacation is by categorizing it according to the relevant group of people. A website with clear and concise categories is more likely to get conversions, then a website with haywire placement of products. People like to shop from organized websites as it makes their experience far more smooth and convenient. 

Make sure the website is fast

A slow and lagging website is annoying and frustrating. Nobody likes to shop from a website which is slow like a turtle. For the upcoming holiday season, you must test your website and make sure the pages are loading in not more than 3 seconds. 3 seconds is the crucial time period because after that the customer loses their interest and closes the website. It will not only make you lose a customer but your bounce rate will increase too which will affect your domain authority. 

Over the years and especially after Covid-19, the holiday season has become the most important high rush time of the year for every eCommerce store. People are shopping for their family and friends as well as availing all the discount offers. If your website is not ready for the holiday season, you will miss out on the golden opportunity of converting the traffic on the website to regular customers.