37 Biggest Brands in The World Using WordPress Actively
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37 Biggest Brands in The World Using WordPress Actively

Before jumping into the process of selling and buying, a lot of the businesses look for the best website development tool, commercial projects, and eCommerce stores also look ahead for the ways that could help them well during the website development- effective and competent web tools play a crucial role in the development of the website. 

It is a no-brainer; WordPress is one of the most popular CMS out there, and around the entire world, WordPress is being used as the most effective tool for websites. Nowadays, companies also prefer using WordPress development services for their official business websites. Furthermore, for the blogs and guest posting, the same WordPress sites are used. 

Here is a lengthy study for you that is encompassing details about the system software of WordPress along with the list of 37 biggest brands worldwide that are using WordPress actively. Let’s have a quick review of what WordPress is and why it is used for website development. 

Why Businesses Must Pay Heed to WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system software written in the programming language PHP. This CMS software is paired up with two different databases, mainly MySQL and MariaDB. 

Several features include the plugin architecture and the template system, which are usually referred to within WordPress as themes. 

Commonly, e-commerce WordPress development is used by bloggers as a blogging platform. But since it is a content management system, it can be used for website development purposes, even if the website isn’t for the blogging sense. 

To use WordPress, one doesn’t have to be known to the concepts of coding. Since it is a free, open-source platform, eCommerce stores and commercial projects can use WordPress for their official website of the business. WordPress can also help the brands in providing extended functionalities along with sleek visuals and interactive usage. 

WordPress is flexible and empowers businesses to own their data. Not only powerful but also free to use, WordPress has shown phenomenal progress in just a few years. 

Side by Side Role of WordPress in Businesses 

They say content is king and guess who is the queen of this king? Yes, you got it right, WordPress! Its scalability and customization are the factors that make it a perfect choice for adaptable work.  

Even if you are not a pro developer still, you can get your hands on WordPress and can develop a template-based website. The site will be attached to diverse features that you can access through different plugins, as you begin to increase, that too without paying a single penny for the upgrades that many other content management systems may execute. 

If you are opting for the option of WordPress then you can easily get your website enhanced at the regular time of interval, without waiting longer. If this doesn’t sound beneficial then we wonder what will. 

Biggest Brands in The World Using WordPress:

There is a common myth among business owners that since WordPress is open-source, it might not be a good platform for the brands! In terms of commercial success, this myth is vague and has been proven a failure! Some extraordinary great merchandise is using WordPress around the whole globe.

Furthermore, we have broken down 37 biggest brands names below that are using WordPress on their websites. However, we will shortly discuss the top trending ones. So, let’s have a look.  

BBC America:

This one is the popular television network that brings people programs based on different genres. BBC America’s website features a blog with several images on the homepage. 

Sony Music:           

Another website that uses WordPress is Sony Music Entertainment Inc. This website features the header slider to display the singers, artists, featured videos, and news. 

Microsoft News:

The website of Microsoft News was also created on WordPress by the front-end WordPress developers. The website also features a magazine-style layout and reflects the news along with new updates and stories. 


TechCrunch’s website is also established with the help of WordPress. It is an online publisher that features news around the technology and the startups and the full-width content-focused design. 

The Walt Disney Company:

The famous company of Walt Disney runs its website on system software of WordPress. This website showcases large images and recent news along with sections about careers. 

Facebook Newsroom:

Facebook is the most popular social media platform that uses WordPress to publish news and announcements. The website is pretty minimal and features the top stories and blog lists. 

The Rolling Stones:

Offered by a famous English rock band, The Rolling Stones website is also made in WordPress, by one of the top-notch WordPress development agency. On this website, songs, news, and videos are featured. 

Usain Bolt:

Usain Bolt is known as the fastest man in the entire world. He also chose WordPress for his official website where a full-length width homepage slider with Bolt’s photos. The website features the latest updates about him as well. 

Reuters Blog:

Another one in the WordPress website list is the Reuters blog that brings the latest news about different markets, categories, and industries. This is a grid-style homepage created by WordPress. 

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog:

This website of Wal Street Journal Law is also created by WordPress. It is most straightforward and minimal in design with plenty of popular posts and videos. 

Apart from the aforementioned brands, other trending brands that use WordPress as their technically service improving tactic are:

  • Observer
  • IBM Jobs Blog
  • Flickr Blog
  • Herald Sun
  • New York Post
  • Etsy
  • The Obama Foundation
  • Ogilvy & Mather South Africa
  • The White House
  • Bata
  • Inside Blackberry
  • Rotary Means Business Fellowship
  • Staples Canada Blog
  • The Official James Bond 007 Website
  • WGN-TV
  • Sweden’s Official Website
  • PlayStation Blog
  • Variety
  • AMC
  • Groupe Renault
  • TED Blog
  • Toyota Motors Brasil
  • The Harvard Gazette
  • The Mozilla Blog
  • cPanel Blog
  • Angry Birds
  • Katy Perry

How Plugins Makes Difference for Bloggers?  

Your self-hosted blog site demands plugins, too, just in case if you don’t know. It requires two types of plugins that are made to improve the site’s performance, searching capability and security. At the same time, another one is the type in which the functions regarding blogging are specified. 

Overall, there are around more than 54,000 Plugins for WordPress made for third-party design throughout the world. However, it is pretty easy to get confused by the availability of several choices while keeping in mind that not each plugin is reliable is mandatory. In many cases, plenty of plugins fail to give expected outcomes and are likely to break certain parts of the website and often also work on introducing malware or either threatening the security of WordPress.  

Although the plugins that you pick to download are likely to rely on the website’s particular needs, it is equally necessary to keep these plugins compatible enough with your version of WordPress. The best plugin one can ever add, the one that can provide support and can offer a long track record of users’ downloaded files. You may also come through some plugins that offer a free-of-cost WordPress directory, whereas others might demand third-party developers in both; premium or free versions. These types of arrangements are likely to provide more features and support to users.  

In a nutshell, WordPress is customized for bloggers and those who work on publishing content, whereas plugins play a supporting role by strengthening the position.


These brands, as mentioned earlier, are known worldwide for their quality service and extraordinary internet presence. These phenomenally known brands are standing upon the system software of WordPress, and this shows its outstanding success among the competitors for many more decades in the future.