A simple guide to hiring a professional web developer in 2022
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A simple guide to hiring a professional web developer in 2022

Have you been considering hiring a web developer but getting second thoughts over it? Usually hiring a web developer is not considered important when there are so many platforms with the option of starting your own website at a much cheaper rate. However, what people and business owners don’t understand is that these platforms offer basic features and functionalities that nowhere come close to the work of a skilled and qualified individual. Moreover, professional web developers build the website from scratch which makes it possible for you to customize exactly according to your preferences, audience satisfaction, and brand persona. 

Purpose of a Web Developer

First and foremost, let’s understand who exactly is a web developer and what do they do? They are basically software programmers with a specialization in web software development such as websites and web applications. Anything that you see on the internet is built by a web developer. Their job is to transform wireframes and designs provided by web designers into a working website or web app which is fully functional. However, there is a catch, nowadays the general public can also create a website free of cost using Wix or WordPress. But, it is not a smart idea. 

Investing money in hiring a professional web developer will benefit you in two most important aspects:


Web development is the core proficiency of a web developer which allows them to have full expertise and complete solutions regarding the skill. The websites built using free platforms are mostly basic and often have bugs as well. However, web solutions by a professional will let you have a more technical and complex website. It doesn’t mean it will compromise the experience of the users, rather it will have more advanced functions and features that will enhance the user experience.


There are not many options for customization on these free platforms. If you want a custom website or web app having unique and customized design and features then hiring a professional web developer is important. 

Responsibilities of a Web Developer

There are a lot of responsibilities of a professional web developer but the following are some of the most basic and important ones. 

  • They have knowledge of different web languages which include HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. These help in creating the layout and design of a website. 
  • Similarly, they know backend languages like Python, PHP, and Ruby for coding which is used to code the logic behind every functionality. 
  • They have to create and implement various tests to make the web applications smooth and bug-free. 
  • Work closely with graphic designers and web designers to be able to efficiently translate the designs into a website. 
  • Maintenance of the website and troubleshooting the issues if there are any at any point. 
  • Monitor overall metrics like user traffic, load time, etc to improve the user experience. 
  • Meetings with management and/or clients for the discussion of website design and other technicalities. 
  • Work with the entire team to complete the project. 

Now you must have understood how many tasks there are that a professional web developer handles and then the website comes into being as a fully functional site. 

Things to consider when hiring a web developer!

Following are a few important things to keep in mind when hiring a web developer. These points will help you to make the right decision and choose a proficient and reliable web developer according to the requirements. 

Understand your business challenges

First and foremost, you will need to understand the business challenges and requirements you have. Without being clear about those, it won’t be possible to hire a star team. There are three types of projects which are large scale, medium-sized, and basic projects. All of the three have different requirements and level of technical requirements and therefore, the size and expertise of a team also vary. 

Choose a working model

Next is to determine the business model of your project. There are dedicated team models, extended/outsourcing models, and project-based models. In the dedicated team model, the brand hires a dedicated team or web development company to work on web development projects from scratch. These are suitable for complex projects and the in-house developers work as project managers monitoring the progress of the project. In the outsourcing model, a few developers are hired to work alongside the in-house team. This way the expertise of the existing team increases without a high cost. And, the project-based model has a pre-defined deadline and budget, and the hired developer(s) have to wrap up the project staying in those. 

Select the developer’s skills needed

There are three different types of developers as well including back-end developers, front-end developers, and full-stack developers. You will need to understand your requirements and then hire a developer accordingly. Back-end developers handle the construction of the website. They design the code and every function at the back of the website. Whereas, front-end developers handle the user surface, design, and feel of the website. It is the part with which the users come in contact. They are also responsible to make sure that the back-end functionalities are fully functional and easily usable for the users. 

Decide the mode of payment

It is important to decide the mode of payment before starting the work to avoid any mishaps at the end. There is a fixed price model and a timely model. In the fixed-price model, the total budget is pre-defined and is paid at the end of the project. Hourly model is suitable for minor projects and the developer is paid at an hourly rate till the project is ongoing. 

Examine the team’s work

Always observe the work of the team before hiring them. It will give you an idea of their work sense and you can determine whether it aligns with your style or not. Similarly, check for the reviews as well to ensure their dedication towards a client’s project. 

Hiring a web developer is an excellent decision in today’s world where all the businesses are eventually going digital. They will help you build a smooth and fully functional website with all the required features and technicalities. Discussed above are some of the main tips to ensure hiring a suitable and proficient web developer for your business.