About Skywellness

Skywellness make & sell affordable, premium THC free hemp-derived CBD products designed to make life…feel better. THC Free Hemp-derived CBD products elevate health, enhance well-being and make life feel better

Industry : CBD Oil

Platform : Shopify+

Website : B2B/B2C –


Skywellness was looking for Shopify plus expert who could help them build an eCommerce website from scratch, so they chose us to design a customized design and wireframe for their website and implement it with all high-tech functionalities and the plugin best for it. Our professional Shopify developers helped them with a custom responsive design. I even helped them with the B2B business section on the channel only approachable by a few maintaining the site with the best approaches possible, allowing it to run smoothly while scanning and getting rid of malware activities if any.


  • Helped them in maintaining their entire site throughout while fixing all the glitches and running updates over and over again when needed.
  • Redesigned a fully mobile responsive design for customer convinence and to get more customers
  • Updated and made changes in their desktop theme making it more attractive to hook in customers
  • Helped them create a custom UI/UX wireframe for their site from scratch
  • Integrated the custom theme over to shopify customizing it according to the theme and the product
  • Designed a fully mobile responsive design to capture in more audience and create ease for the customers.
  • Redesigned the B2B home page
  • Resized the homepage and helped in improving the site performace
  • Added in tags and pop-ups for free products.
  • Implemented custom price for specific group of customers (B2B and circle-k)at PLP and PDP with sepertate payment method at checkout.
  • Ran over a vulnerbaility scan to detect in any malware softwares if any.
  • Built different kind of discount pop-ups that read specific UTM parmiter

Modern, Responsive, Cohesive Design

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