Coterie Brooklyn
About Coterie Brooklyn

Coterie Brooklyn is the fastest growing independent market for stylish, high-quality decorative pillows and pillow covers

Industry : Furniture

Platform : Shopify

Website : B2C –


Coterie Brooklyn was looking for someone to help them update some new features and functions over the website, which they bought in the maintenance bundle. So we helped them with Multi-product adding in the cart. Add in tools to arrange cushions and pillows, banners and sliders, and many more custom features for the site to run smoothly and perfectly, scaling up with the best potential it has.


  • Cushion & Pilow arranger tool
  • Pilow arranger Toll
  • Multi products add to cart
  • Custom Filters
  • Marketing Automation – Klaviyo
  • Custom Script
  • Modified Shopify API’s
  • Banner Slider for Product page
  • Custom search function
  • Displayed size as fillter based on product tags
  • Show variants for each pilows within this customization

Modern, Responsive, Cohesive Design

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