Custom Development Using Latest Web Technologies

Custom Development Using Latest Web Technologies

The world keeps changing, and one field that doesn’t stop evolving with it, is the field of information technology. Every year is different in the tech world. With 2020 coming towards the end, it is wise to be updated on the latest web technologies and trends.

Businesses and web developers always have to be ready for the challenge of keeping up with the continuous changes to thrive. A web presence has become a necessity. Companies are creating their personalized websites that blend with their brand and products. Moreover, many are also opting to convert their web app into a commercially viable digital product.

Hence, it’s significant that we know what is favored by the web developers in 2020, what makes it easier for them to execute custom development solutions, and what technologies allow these solutions in performing well.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWA’s is not the new technology of 2020; however, they are still a very popular feature in web development. The PWA is the rising web trend because it enables the users to view websites on the mobile web browser or computer without the requirement to download any particular app or computer program. Moreover, PWA allows users to view cached content offline.

Google recently stated that over 50% of users abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. PWAs solve this issue by preserving high functions of web applications and loading like a regular website in less time. The mobile user experience has revolutionized due to PWAs, and also the ecommerce has improved.

Voice Search Optimization

The web development culture is increasingly becoming more vocal and less typed text. People wanting their website to be found on the internet and generate traffic should optimize its voice search. Optimizing the voice search will give you a loyal audience and increase sales.

A recent study stated that up to 40 per cent of people use mobile voice search at least one time in a day. The eMarketer has also noted that by next year, 2021, the number of US voice search users will reach to 122.7 million, which is about 37% of the total US population. And who can forget the rise in the number of smart speakers in 2020.

Voice search optimization may have been around since years; however, it is only in 2020 that it turned into a notable web trend.

Voice search optimization saves the user’s time, and in eCommerce sites allows the consumers to order more. And lastly, voice search can be an important source of user behavior analytics.

AI Powered Chatbot

AI stands for artificial intelligence that is an imitation of human intelligence shown by machines and algorithms. AI comprises of learning and reasoning. In 2020 there are many applications that recognize voices, make an analysis of data and behavior, forecast and make smart decisions.

Our everyday lives include AI at some time. Examples include Siri, Google Assistant, self-driving vehicles and robots such as the iRobot Roomba 980. One more example that became hugely popular this year was Netflix’s high-developed function of tracing and analyzing customer reactions with each movie viewed and hence making precise suggestions about movie options based on accurate analysis. An AI-powered chatbot utilizes the NLP (natural language processing) and ML machine learning to provide near human communication.

Large B2C companies use this technology to get a response from their customers. Some examples are chatbots inside Facebook Messenger and Skype. A bot can be integrated into PWA, any website, and any app that is connected with the internet.

There are many benefits of AI-based bots such as problem-solving 24/7, and analyzing consumer behavior on a deeper level. In eCommerce, AI enables platforms to offer recommendations of product and suggests alternative options to purchase. AI can optimize advertising and product layouts in-store. More efficient customer service can be provided via AI chatbot.

JavaScript and Python

Web development is made of programming languages. JavaScript is the most commonly used and widely known. JavaScript and Python weren’t invented in recent times; however, since they are used so much, every latest web technology is linked to these languages. While JavaScript is used to create regular web pages, Python is a higher-level programming language that is used for different applications ranging from web applications to analysis of data. Hence, we can see it on websites such as Instagram, cloud platforms and many more. In 2020 due to the easy maintenance of the language and its ability to provide an immense standard library, compared to JavaScript, we saw Python continuing to grow and become a competitor against JavaScript.

Push Notifications

Messages that “emerge” on your mobile screens are known as push notifications. Users don’t have to open the app or be in the app to view them as app publishers can send the push notifications anytime. Push notifications enhance customer engagement. App publishers can send messages, latest offers, and news to reach out to as many people as possible. Moreover, push notification can be integrated with action buttons allowing users to operate the website more easily. Push notifications are widely known to be used from the apps on our mobile phone. However, the latest trend is their use in web browsers that are installed on mobile phones. This latest technology allows custom notifications to be provided to users who give their approval in one click to receive the push notifications.

Companies should keep in mind the acceptable use of push notifications so as not to irritate the users. Here are some examples when it is appropriate to use push notifications:

  • When you publish new content on the internet.
  • When your eCommerce site is offering special deals on products.
  • Or when you are introducing a new product in your online store.
  • A sale at your eCommerce store that offers huge discounts.


The requirement for custom development solutions will only rise in the future months as eCommerce will continue to grow. Latest technologies will enable us to achieve that. We, as entrepreneurs, have to stay updated about the ever-changing web development technologies to be successful.