How To Get Ranked On Google’s First Page For A Start-Up Business (A Beginner’s Guide)

How To Get Ranked On Google’s First Page For A Start-Up Business (A Beginner’s Guide)

Are you a new business and exploring the digital world from a business perspective? It is the easiest way to increase your sales yet quite difficult to reach that point if you don’t follow the right path. Google plays a huge role in attracting business and therefore, you must make sure that your website is according to its requirements otherwise all your effort will go to waste. The simplest way of attracting leads is to make your page rank on the first few pages of google. It will be visible to the audience and they will visit the online store, eventually leading to sales. Here we have discussed the best ways to rank your online store on the first few pages of Google. 

Understand your website’s domain authority

Understand your website’s domain authority

To plan out the SEO strategy, it is essential to know your website’s authority in Google’s system. It will help you decide the keywords that you would want to use for ranking. Websites with higher domain authority need difficult keywords which bring in more traffic. While lower authority websites need easy keywords to rank even if they are bringing in less traffic. The domain authority depends on how old is the website. Older websites have more backlinks and therefore, higher domain authority whereas it is vice versa with new websites. 

Research for the right keyword

Once you know the DA of your website, the second step is to look for the right keyword according to the ranking capability. There are lots of tools that help in finding appropriate keywords but they are not always 100% right. You can also find them manually. First, make a list of relevant words which people would use to search your product/service. The keywords should include both buyer intent words and information intent words. Put these seed words in any keywords generator tool to get the list of all the related keywords. Then find out the searched volume of each word and remove all the options with too high or low volume. Keep removing until there are only 20-30 left. 

Find out the search intent

Figuring out the search intent is also really important otherwise you will not be able to generate relevant content and the audience won’t stay on your page. Once you are down to 5 main keywords, search them up and observe the type of content which is showing up as it will help you understand the intent with which the users search a specific keyword. Additionally, you should also understand the type of content display that shows up. It could be podcasts, videos, social media posts, blogs, articles, product descriptions, images, etc. 

Make your content SEO optimized

SEO optimization is essential to make your website rank on top. The entire website should be SEO friendly including the code, design, images, content, content placement. Make sure the URL contains a keyword. All the titles must have proper keywords along with modifiers like best, top, cheap, affordable, etc. Images, headings, and bullet points make a huge difference in SEO ranking so don’t forget that. Similarly, add external links wherever needed and also add image alt text. All of these help in optimizing the content according to Google requirements and therefore, help in ranking the website. 

Focus on backlinking 

Backlinking is the oldest yet the most effective way for Google ranking. Google notices how many genuine websites are recommending a certain website as it builds credibility. If you backlink your website by placing content on websites with high DA, your website will automatically rank higher. Secondly, internal linking is also a great way to please Google. It is quite easy as well since you have to add links to your own site’s content. It not only convinces Google but also keeps the visitor on your site for a longer time which helps in SEO too. 

Observe the keywords’ rankings on different pages

Linking keywords and forgetting about them is not the right way. Make sure that you keep an eye on all the keywords you are trying to rank and whichever gets ranked, will give you a real-time feedback regarding the keywords and you will know each of their performance. Similarly, you can optimize the webpage and keep a check on which activity is boosting the ranking so you double it up. 

Optimize the page after its ranking 

Even after you get your top ranking, you have to continue the overall website optimization. Once you get to the first page of Google, you will have to work on the meta title and description and the dwell time. Meta title & descriptions is like the cover of your website and if it looks good, the users will click the link to get to the webpage. Therefore, if it is attractive and genuine, there will be more clicks which will direct Google to rank your website even higher. Secondly, dwell time is the time a visitor spends on the website after clicking on the link at SERP and then coming back to it. To increase dwell time, you can make your website faster, improve your content and make it engaging, add as many internal links as possible. All of this will help you to maintain your top position and not lose it after a few weeks. 

Ranking your website on the first page of Google is really important and all the businesses must put in extra effort to make it possible. We have discussed the most effective ways to rank your webpage on top which will help your new business to attract more visitors.