How will a change of environment impact a business?
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How will a change of environment impact a business?

Have you ever heard about the impact of the environment on the productivity levels of employees? It is a very common phenomenon and one of quite high value. The environment and surroundings play a huge role in the quality of work. You wonder how? Because it sets the mood which impacts the work directly. A person can work more efficiently in a good mood than in a depressive phase. Therefore, if you want a higher work quality from your employees, check for the environment of the workplace and make the required changes. Following are the top factors that build any environment, and for different places they are different. Set these according to a professional setup. 


Lighting plays the most important role in deciding a person’s mood. Artificial light is often depressing and lowers the energy levels of people therefore, sunlight is essential. Offices with less or no windows face a common problem of procrastinating employees. In addition to poor light, dark and dim interiors make the whole vibe of a place even duller which affects the serotonin levels in human beings. It is an important hormone to regulate the mood of an individual. Lack of sun exposure also causes deficiency of Vitamin D which causes several health issues.

Sunshine is a very basic need of the human body that most people do not even realize and hence, suffer due to its unavailability. It boosts mood, sleep, blood pressure, and also weight loss all of which add up to a healthy and fit employee. Exposure to sunlight during working hours improves productivity by approximately two percent. 


It is quite impossible to get everyone to agree on the same temperature level in a large organization. However, if the employees are sweating or freezing they are clearly not comfortable and won’t be able to work efficiently either. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the temperature of the work environment. While it is important to save energy consumption, cutting down on the internal temperature control of your office is not the right way to do it. Experts recommend that an ideal temperature is 68-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Since it is slightly colder than the normal room temperature it feels pleasant without feeling too cold or hot. Otherwise, you can also discuss it with the employees and get a collective opinion of how cold or hot they prefer while working. 


Color plays an important role in setting the mood of a place. Usually, business owners choose bland neutrals for all the walls since it is convenient and does not require much of an effort to think and decide. However, it severely affects the productivity and energy levels of the employees. Bland colors trigger depressing emotions and human nature yearns for color and so it is a great idea to add a bit of color around the office to keep the employees more alert and productive. 

Some common and effective colors include yellow and orange as both of these radiate energy. You can add it in moderation just for a pop to increase productivity levels. Similarly, shades of green and blue are soothing and relaxing therefore, it is very helpful when there are tough deadlines to meet. As for the beige and off-white shades, it is better to use those in splashes because too much of it feels oppressive.


A lot of people prefer to work in a happening place with some background and noise but it is not the case for everyone. So you must make sure to check with your employees whether they prefer silence or noise. However, it is not possible to have a united opinion when the people are greater in number. Usually, businesses now have open floor plans in offices which leads to uncontrollable noise at times especially during a busy/important project. To accommodate the people who prefer silence for better productivity, you can make a designated soundproof room where this group of people can go and work at their convenience. Otherwise, noise cancellation headphones are a cheaper and easily doable way to fix the issue. 


Clutter is one of the most common factors for triggering anxiety. It also affects the ability to focus. Therefore, a cluttered workspace is not the best productive ground for the employees as some of them might find it impossible to focus on their tasks while there is so much clutter around them. Try to keep the office free of clutter. Clutter is not always of materialistic things but a small space catering to a lot of people can also feel cluttered. So you will have to make sure that the workspace looks clutter-free and the employees can work hassle-free in the environment. 

It is a common misconception of business owners that they don’t need to spend their time, effort, and energy on the aesthetics of their businesses. Whereas if they make the above-mentioned small changes in the office, their employees will be able to provide better results and work at their maximum efficiency. In the end, the business as a whole will benefit from the profit. Therefore, if you are noticing poor work quality in the company try to check for these issues and make them suitable according to a professional environment. It will boost the energy levels of the staff and you will see improved output from them!