Learn About the New Version of Magento 2.4.5!

Learn About the New Version of Magento 2.4.5!

It’s high time you uplift your Magento 2 store! Adobe has released a new version, aka Magento 2.4.5, for everyone. Quite fortunately, Adobe’s efforts in this version can be seen through the latest updates and how people are excited to get their hands on it. This release comprises 290+ incredible enhancements, and Magento 2.4.5 is considered much smoother because of its excellent performance, high security, and seamless store experience.

Improved Experiences & Latest Updates 

You can give your users a top-notch journey and generate more conversions with Magento 2 extensions. Are you ready to explore this beast? Get to know more below! 

The Magento platform is thriving with enhanced e-commerce operations. 

Here’s what’s new:

  1. 290+ issues and enhancements resolved
  2. 20+ security issues resolved 
  3. 3x effective order output 
  4. Top-notch performance 
  5. Supporting TinyMCE 5.10.2, Composer 2.2, and jQueryUI 1.13.1
  6. Best-suited for PWA Studio v.12.5.x and Page Builder v.1.7.2
  7. Enhancing GraphQL 
  8. Making Apple pay easily available for merchants 
  9. Integrated with Google Tag module and upgrading it to Google Analytics 4
Upgrades Made in the New Release

Upgrades Made in the New Release 

The new version of Magento 2.4.5 has some high-quality and powerful features. Keep scrolling! 

1. Security Fixes

As stated above, the new version has 20+ security fixes. These are retrieved from the older versions, making them more robust, and incorporated into Adobe Commerce 2.4.3-p3 and Adobe Commerce 2.3.7-p4. 

The recent updates in the version will help combat any threats and attacks that come their way. Plus, it prevents third parties from gaining and misusing customer and administrative information. With upgraded Magento, you can access a robust VPN, secure passwords, unique locations, and the most critical – two-factor authentication. On top of that, you can now secure your inventory template, access ACL resources, get reCAPTCHA support, and so much more! 

2. Secured Payments

Magento 2.4.5 has enabled merchants to use Apple Pay, and eliminates the need for credit or debit cards to make payments. You can also find this feature easily on pages like:

  • Product Details
  • Shopping Cart 
  • Mini Cart 
  • Checkout Workflow

Merchants based in Spain and Italy can access PayPal for payment services. Admins can now review the Credit, Pay later, and PayPal buttons. They can also track the ‘Always request 3DS’ option.

3. DHL Integration

Magento’s update for the DHL integration schema doesn’t change the product behavior. Any obsolete dependencies are no longer found and have been replaced. Some replacements can be seen below.

  • Using ‘HTTPS’ for all USPS shipping, replacing the previous/default URL
  • js-cookie/js-cookie to be used, replacing jquery/jquery-cookie
  • globe.js dependency
  • jQuery Strograe libraries replaced with julien-maurel/js-storage

4. Live Search Support 

It’s a new option where you can get access to custom pricing as well as customer groups for B2B audiences. This can assist you in streamlining product assignments for particular customer or group catalogues.

5. GraphQL 

The spectacular enhancements in GraphQL include:

  • Additional capabilities to utilize tokens’ time/date expiration
  • Encouraging developers and administrators to rebuild swifter on production and deployment features.
  •  Launching Session cookies through GraphQL operations using class proxies
  • And more.

6. Optimizing for B2B 

You can easily optimize the database and implement the Shared Catalogues attribute. This way, you can elevate your performance and reduce eSKU multiplication results. The new upgrade in Adobe Commerce helps you create a special eSKU in place of the duplicated one for every shared catalogue. You can also enhance the performance of the price indexer with the help of this configuration: Shared Catalogue direct product price assigning.

Key Takeaways

Magento 2.4.5 release is great news for everyone in the Magento community. Magento store owners can take advantage of the massive update regarding platform performance, quality, and payment enhancements. The new version of Adobe commerce also aims to provide a better experience and facilities for store owners and developers. The firm has also removed many bugs from the platform along with upgrades.

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