Powerful Tactics To Sell Makeup And Cosmetic Products Online
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Powerful Tactics To Sell Makeup And Cosmetic Products Online

Covid 19 pandemic has caused a massive change in the beauty industry as well as many others. The way people spend on beauty products with more focus on products that offer a beauty salon experience at home. The successful beauty e-tailers understand that along with working towards generating more traffic; they should, more importantly, focus and work towards increasing their site’s conversion rates. The higher conversion rates mean that more traffic will become buyers. As the owner of the beauty e-commerce site, you should know the powerful tactics that will allow you to sell your makeup and skincare products online successfully. Here are some of our insights on what strategies work well:

Improving customer experience: One of the challenges of selling makeup and skincare products online is that the customers do not get to try the products before purchasing. Due to this, the customers who are buying online have a lot of queries regarding the product. Hence it’s significant that you provide a platform where the customers can easily communicate their questions and receive solutions to their concerns and any objections. As per the Global Data Covid-19, people are increasingly becoming interested in learning more about ways to improve their health, personal care and general wellbeing. As an e-tailer for beauty products, we suggest having blogs on your e-commerce sites that provide interesting information on health, skincare and lifestyle-related topics. This kind of blog increases the value of your beauty business and surely attracts customers. We have discussed more the importance of content later.

Stand out

It’s always wise to stand out and offer something more than just the product. As an e-tailer, you must research what “extra” features the consumers want. For example, many consumers are increasingly becoming aware of paraben-free skin care products, or products that have eco-friendly ingredients. Many people prefer recyclable packaging so you could provide them with that. The key is in understanding customers’ sentiments and fulfilling what they want. Extensive research on your potential customers is necessary to understand them. Ways to research your customers:

  • Survey current customers who bought from your store for the last 30 days. Ask questions about the factors that caused them to purchase the product from your website. You could ask questions such as how did they came to know about your online shop? Is there any product that they almost bought but didn’t and what could be the reason for that? What more do they want to see in your products listings and is there any way you can improve their user experience on your site.
  • Survey on-site customers: Communicate with people who visit your site. Ask them any objections they have for not purchasing anything from your shop. This survey will help you in addressing any complaints the users may have.

Think like Amazon

Ecommerce giant Amazon controls up to 50% of the online sales. It is a good idea to follow the trends and marketing tactics that Amazon uses to reach its audience. For instance, a study stated that there are better chances of a user who is visiting your site in becoming your consumer if he can know product reviews from people who have already bought the product. You could do that on your eCommerce website as well. Up to 70% of U.S. citizens stated that they go through the product reviews before they decide upon purchasing a product. Some websites, such as Sephora have ‘live chat with other Sephora shoppers’ chatbox where users can directly communicate with other Sephora shoppers about the product. This feature aids in boosting sales of the brand.

Personal hygiene products

The sales of personal hygiene products have risen during the pandemic. Products such as hand-wash, sanitizers, soaps, wipes, hand creams, and moisturizers are high in demand. Hence, eCommerce beauty brands can tap into this demand.


For the last five years, we have seen subscription eCommerce market growing at a tremendous rate each year. You can offer the customers the option to subscribe. For example, a customer will automatically get shipped a face wash after 30 days. This prevents the customer from buying a similar product from elsewhere helping you in building a repeat customer base and improving your cost of customer acquisition.

Social presence

Along with having your eCommerce site, your beauty brand should also have a social media presence. People spend most of their time on the internet in social media and observe the latest beauty trends on social media so you as an e-tailer should consider advertising your beauty brand in social media and up your eCommerce sales. There is undeniably lots of potential of social media and eCommerce working alongside. Iti s reported that YouTube will soon follow up the TrueView feature trend that will enable the Google shopping carts to be included in the videos so that customers can buy from Youtube instantly without having to visit the site. Beauty eCommerce sites can also utilize social media by posting engaging content regularly to market their products and make people familiar with their brand. Many beauty brands have collaborated with Youtubers who upload makeup tutorials to use their products to enhance the value of their brands and increase potential consumers.

Showing before/after results

Do you think the consumers would prefer buying from the cosmetic eCommerce site that simply just displays its products or the one that also showcases the outcome each product will produce? When people are buying cosmetics online they can’t test them before purchasing so it’s a wise step to show them via images or video what outcome your products will produce. For example, if you are selling a concealer that hides blemishes, then make sure that you show the outcome of using a concealer via images or videos. This tactic will surely increase the chances of you making a sale of that product.

Easy and Smooth Navigation

Let’s accept it, random pop-ups spoil the mood. It negatively affects the user experience. Hence, you must provide your users with a great user experience when they visit your e-commerce store. Smooth navigation is important, and customer should be able to find what they are looking for with ease. A HubSpot survey once concluded that one of the most significant factors in the design of your eCommerce site is easy navigation by the users. Smooth navigation is possible when you organize your website with a lot of categories, making it easier for consumers to search and find what they want.

Content is King

Produce great content in the form of product comparison guides, blog articles, “how-to” makeup tutorials, white papers, etc. Add impressive graphics, video tab on the product detail pages to make them detailed and more attractive. Content will help your website with the search engine rankings, and valuable content gets shared more often hence helping to spread the word about your website. Moreover, informative content offers a better user experience to your website browsers.

Loyal customers given special offers

Loyal customers should be valued and offered something more than your new customers. For example, at the time of product launches, loyal consumers can be offered free gifts or samples of the new products that can be offered on the cart page or delivered right to their homes.


In conclusion, eCommerce sites should embrace custom eCommerce plans, redesign their product offerings and give importance to social and health responsibility to remain appropriate in the new normal and successfully sell their beauty products online.