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Add videos to the product page effortlessly and quickly. Easy connection to 3rd-party video streaming websites like YouTube & Vimeo.

  • Makes adding videos to product detail pages fun, easy, and quick.
  • Tried-and-true marketing tool to increase average customer browsing session and conversion rate.
  • Easy connection to third-party video streaming websites like YouTube, Vimeo.
  • Super simple settings covering only the essentials like video title, description, link, and label.
  • Tutorial, review, testimonial or marketing videos for each product.
  • Easily enable disable the extension.
  • Light-weight extension – very easy to install and run.
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Whatever your product is…from digital devices to sporting equipment… a product video serves as the ultimate selling tool to instantly help catch your customer’s interest, highlight the product features, and show off all the product’s benefits. Besides, it’s the best way to breathe life into your online selling strategy.

Rather than making your customers read plain walls of text, offer them quick, informative product videos. Product Video extension for Magento 2 makes adding videos to your e-store a breeze. Product video extension for Magento 2 allows adding videos for products from different sources such as YouTube, Vimeo etc with a video embedded code. Within less than a minute you can add a video title, description, and link or quickly disable the video whenever you feel up to.

Select the best videos, add them to your e-store and watch your sales growth.

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