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It’s one thing to come up with a unique idea to create a website. Bringing that idea altogether to life is totally a different thing. Tekglide is known to breathe life into your ideas.

From career portal to chart.js implementation and customization, we will do everything for you.

A custom designed website should be


Strategic & Measurable

How does your target audience search for the services you offer? Where would you like the visitors to go as soon as they land on a page? What hinders them? The answers to these questions are the beginning of the design process of the website.


We all see top-notch websites every once in a while. These websites have exceptionally intuitive design and they offer extraordinary UX. All the experience you have on these websites is part of a conscious plan. This can be achieved by putting the needs, expectations, and limitations of the visitors first.

Mobile First!

If you check the statistics, you will know that there is a drastic increase in the number of mobile shoppers. We make sure that every website we build appears perfectly on all breakpoints, especially mobile. Tekglide holds an extensive experience in mobile designing, in fact we love to work on smaller breakpoints.


We use Drupal or WordPress content management system that is very easy to understand as well as operate. It’s great especially if you are not tech savvy. CMS is easy to learn and use. In order to do updates, you will just have to Login > Choose a page > Change the content > Hit “update.” That’s it!

Easily Crawl-able

Search engines need properly crafted websites so that they can easily crawl and index the content of the web pages. Broken links, incorrect sitemaps, elements like these greatly upset the repute of a site. If you have something great on your website and the design is not proper, it’s like hiding a beautiful piece of your house in the attic.


Everything is evolving or changing in some way. Your business may change any time, it is better to have a website that is capable of adapting this change. We will guide you for the future so that you can choose a better plan for your website.

A simple and effective web design process


Sketch The Plan

Website strategic discovery
In order to come up with a strategy to build a website, we ask clients questions about their brand and their target audience. This unveils their unique business requirements as well as objectives. We then devise a plan to custom design the website with what we have agreed upon.

Decode The Vision

After the approval of site plan we move forward to design phase. We use the mood boards and mockups to set the tone and layout. We pay attention to every single “seemingly” peculiar detail. With this approach we build a highly interactive website with great UX.

Engineer the Capability

After establishing the strategy, mood, and architecture for your custom website, we are good to code. Using agile methodology we start by installing and customizing the CMS. There may be various iterations as we keep on adding functionality, web tools, and content.

Engage the Audience

Training, Adopting and Launching
Launching is the phase 1 of completion, phase 2 is training the client how to use the content management system. Tekglide will teach you how to add/edit engaging content to your website and take care of other ecommerce areas of your newly built website!

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