Emergency Support

Emergency Support


Emergency is a catastrophic situation that can happen at any time. It can happen to you, me, or anybody else throughout the globe. We can be your friend in need to take you out of this difficult situation. For our regular customers, we are practically available 24/7, but if you are new, we will still take you out of the technical bind but within reason.

For newcomers who have clicked the ‘EMERGENCY’ button for the first time, we have got rules and regulations. First of all, we are not going to do it for ‘Free.’ Second, don’t expect us to hop in and get your site up when we are sitting around our Thanksgiving dinner. However, these rules don’t apply on our patrons.

Whenever you feel your site is unresponsive or bugged and your technical team is not available due to any reason, you can hit the EMERGENCY button. Tekglide will spare no expense to get your site up and running.

Following are some of the reasons we are contacted for:

  • Recover lost account or password
  • Checkout stopped working all of a sudden
  • Website is down
  • Contact forms not working / Users are unable to add product to cart
  • ERP/3rd Party integration malfunction
  • Website started showing error messages, random code, or just went plain white

Whether your site is built on Magento, Shopify, WordPress, or any other prevalent ecommerce CMS, Tekglide is ready to help you.