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Free Website Audit

Free Website Audit

It’s important to know how you, your visitor, and Google (of course) sees your website. Tekglide scrutinizes your website and takes into account all the factors that can influence its success. We will deep dive into your code looking for abnormal glitches like checkout break, potential security problems, and untapped opportunities. In our report we will identify the key factors which might be causing any performance issues on your online store. The report will cover:

– An inventory of configured extensions, including those that are currently running on the store and those that are just part of legacy code.
– A list of current code customizations and integrations that might be affecting performance and/or functionality.
– An action plan on the next steps to take for fixing your current problem, so your store performs according to the best quality standards within the ecommerce industry.

Tekglide website audit evaluates the architecture and usability of your website. It also highlights all the technical gaps that may be adversely affecting website speed. Moreover, it unveils new opportunities for key performance indicators (KPIs). The website security audit is one of the most important components of our report. It identifies all the vulnerabilities to security breaches. It precludes compromising sensitive information of your visitor or your ecommerce website.