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Shopify Development

Shopify Development


Tekglide’s skillful designers will custom design your Shopify website to match your brand and vision. They will make sure whatever they are working on looks perfectly seamless and most importantly matches your needs. Change requests have never been a problem… our designers are there to deliver the best so that we can have happy customers.

We have been delivering high quality, innovative and cost effective web development solutions to our clients for over 12 years. With our extensive research on user experience, Tekglide lays emphasis on enhancing the browsing experience through ease of navigation, secured payment options, eradicating glitches like website crashes, timeouts and payment declinations.

From minor tweaks, app development, integrations, custom themes to creating a robust, innovative, scalable and secure payment gateway, you can rely on us to deliver the best results. We know time is the essence of all projects; get a quote today and our magicians will start working on your project tomorrow!

In the past few years, Tekglide has emerged as one of the most reputed Shopify development agencies in Darien. Following are some of the qualities that make us stand out:

Store Set up

Tekglide targets to get your website up and running as quickly as possible in the most economical way. We ensure that the process is painless and versatile. This is what we proudly brag about our technical in-house team.

Design and Development

It is up to our respected customers how they would like their store to be set up. If they want the website custom designed, we are there for them. The design and development requirements may vary with respect to their brand and vision. Change requests are no problem for our craftsmen, we just want our clients to be happy. Our team is committed to deliver topnotch, innovative and cost effective web development solutions.

Theme Development and Optimization

We have done extensive research on user experience. From landing page to checkout, we know how users behave. With the help of our past experiences and all the data we have collected so far, we give visitors an amazing user experience. We pay special attention to site navigation, secured payment options, eliminating bugs like timeout, payment declination and website crashes.

App Development

Whichever outside resource or process you wish to connect your Shopify store with, we are there for you. App development is the only option for a seamless connection in between a Shopify store and an outside resource or process. This helps accomplish different tasks. You can increase the functionality of your store by connecting 3rd party systems like ERP or CRM systems, and many more.

Website Migration

This is what we have been doing for different giant agencies for a long time. This has given us expertise in migrating websites from any platform to Shopify/Shopify Plus. There may be a variety of reasons for which business owners may wish to migrate websites to Shopify, one of which may be since it comes with a bunch of built-in features and has more to offer.

3rd Party API Development

We are quite capable of delivering our valuable clients 3rd party APIs that are not only usable but can also be reused across a wide variety of use cases. This is due to our firm grip on coding and the understanding on how to design and develop a full-bodied, secure, and highly performing APIs. So whether it’s a client-facing API gateway for your website or a MBaaS interface for mobile applications, it’s no problem for us.

Support and Maintenance

Tekglide is your friend in need! You will find us always there to upgrade your Shopify store and fix the bugs to give your prestigious customers a wonderful user experience. Our support is accessible to our clients round-the-clock. You will find yourself always covered and at peace.