Web Development

In all these years, we have excelled in designing complex social network services, electronic businesses, and various web-based internet applications. Our scope of work includes development of web content, client liaison, web design, client/server-side scripting, e-commerce development, and web server and an invincible network security configuration.

We have an outstanding team of web developers that crop up with proven solutions so that our clients can have their desired results. Whether it is a brochure website or a multi-function web portal, you will be amazed to see the brilliance of our work. Based on latest industry trends and technologies, we provide our valued customers complete front-end as well as back-end solutions.

Ecommerce applications

This is the area where every day we see many business organizations spending and making huge amounts of money. As the trend of online shopping is mushrooming in the world, it has become a multibillion dollar industry. It is all about setting up your business on the cyberspace.

Custom Development

Just like everything else, the world of online business is changing with the ticking of time. Tekglide observes all these changes very carefully… let the team work for you to create and launch an applicable, dynamic solution. No matter how peculiar your business needs are, the team can handle it confidently. Tekglide employs genuine marketing […]


We help our esteemed customers by providing them a fully customizable and very easy to use business management software that they can use for efficiently storing and managing their data at every stage of business. So whether it is Manufacturing, Inventory management, Product planning, Marketing and sales, or even Shipping and payment, there won’t be […]


Tekglide is peerless at providing excellent CRM solution that is capable of managing the interaction of a company with its current and future patrons. Our whizzes make best use of technology for shaping, automating, and bringing your sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support into line. Our services allow you to focus on your work […]