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WordPress Development

WordPress Development

Tekglide works with the basic coding and infrastructure of the WordPress platform, to ameliorate the look and feel of your website better along with its functionality. With our immense experience in WordPress development, we are able to make your vision come to life speedily and efficiently.

Different WordPress websites have different requirements. It could be a publisher, food blogger, attorney, or an ecommerce website. Publisher websites call for an undefiled eye catching design that is able to engage browsers and loads fast at scale. The design of a food blogger website is mainly recipe centric that not only projects your voice but it also makes your content shine.

Similarly, attorney’s websites need to speak out the quality and professionalism of your practice loud while ranking high in local searches like Yelp. On the other hand, the design of an ecommerce website should be flexible enough to showcase your products. Landing and product pages should be easy to build and maintain with great conversion rate.

Characteristics of a great WordPress website

Easily manageable

As your WordPress developer, it’s our job to make the maintenance of your website fun and as easy as pie! Frankly speaking, we believe it should not be more difficult than maintaining a Word document. WordPress developers only pay attention to the frontend user experience only, which we believe is wrong. Backend is also important and should be made easy for the users.


Tekglide will build different tools, blocks, and templates that will help you create/modify landing, product, and all the other CMS pages. Editing header and footer content will be fun and will take no time to finalize. We use clean and simple XHTML and CSS to make the design of your website flexible and accessible.

Fast and secure

With over 12 years of WordPress development experience, we are finally in a position to tell what is best for your website. We advise our clients which features will enhance the functionality of their website and we know how to implement them. This is the reason our clients consider us their partners, not a random development team.


Don’t worry about responsiveness, our websites are as fluid as they can be. Every website that we create works perfectly on all devices. Since the number of mobile shoppers is increasing day by day, we focus on mobile-first designs. So if you are a publisher, whose traffic source is mostly from mobiles, don’t worry about anything. We can build a native AMP website that will run faster and give utmost performance.

Long lasting

Tekglide uses best coding practices to craft a website. The website only gets better and better with every update to WordPress. We don’t compromise on quality and use best suited plugins so at the time of update they don’t cause any issues.


Tekglide doesn’t leave you after completing your website. We consider it our duty to provide our clients proper training so that they can easily manage their website without the help of others. We can also provide training videos to share with the technical team. If this is not enough, we can also provide phone-based training, screen share and prepare detailed editing notes for your team, and development notes for your in-house development team.