What are HTML ads?

What are HTML ads?

Hypertext Markup Language, HTML, is a programming language used for web elements placement on the browsers. It can easily work with multiple other languages like CSS, and JavaScript. HTML 5 is the latest version of this decades-old programming language. 

HTML 5 is the latest version

What exactly are HTML ads?

HTML ads are just like the regular web pages but in an ad format. Advertisers use HTML 5 to make attractive, creative, and interactive ads. There are different types of ads of multiple sizes and they are easily compatible with mobile and desktop devices. However, there is a difference between a regular ad banner and an HTML5 ad. To display the ad, an HTML ad requires several files, unlike the regular ad banner. This could cause serious load time issues for the users. Therefore, it needs to be made sure to optimize the integrated files properly before adding them. 

Benefits of using HTML ads over static images?

HTML5 advertisements can be created to work across all browsers and operating systems, as well as within native apps. HTML5 advertising also supports responsive/adaptive design and touch interaction, allowing you to create a design that can be interacted with using a touch-enabled device. HTML5 advertising also features dynamic content components and has 3D capabilities (through WebGL).

How to build HTML ads?

Traditionally, HTML5 ads required a developer to write the code from scratch, which can be time-consuming. Designers can create HTML5 designs using design tools, which decrease or remove the need for human coding. Sign up for a free Flexitive trial if you’re having problems creating HTML5 ads without a developer or scaling HTML5 designs efficiently. Designers and developers can create HTML5 advertising faster with Flexitive Design Cloud’s drag-and-drop interface, which requires no coding. Flexitive optimizes pictures, sizes, and code automatically to produce the highest-quality design with the fewest file sizes. It’s available in the Chrome browser (so it’ll work on Mac or Windows) and is cloud-based, so designers can always use the most up-to-date version.

Challenges of HTML ads

Because HTML5 capabilities vary based on browsers and versions, you should test your designs on a variety of browsers to ensure that they look and work as planned. Because our development team ensures that the features work on each browser and automatically adapts code where needed, HTML5 design tools like Flexitive decrease or remove the requirement to test on each particular browser.

Is it possible to build HTML components?

Yes, HTML5 isn’t just for making ads. HTML5 site components such as headers, footers, and sidebars can also be made responsive. These, too, can adapt to various screen sizes and resolutions, making them suitable for both mobile and desktop use.

HTML ads with Google Ad Manager

You may engage with advertisers and ad networks to display HTML5 advertising on your site as a publisher. Although HTML5 ads are more complicated to create, trafficking them on Google Ad Manager is identical to normal creatives. You only need to pick HTML5 advertising and provide the required zip file when uploading the creative.


HTML5 advertisements can give advertisers the flexibility to design distinctive and engaging ads while also helping publishers generate ad clicks. There are some challenges with HTML ads but with the proper method, these can be tackled easily as well.