5 surprising benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

5 surprising benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff augmentation is a type of outsourcing but to companies. Usually, people outsource their work to freelancers or individuals, but staff augmentation is hiring an entire team through outsourcing. The firm’s existing staff works alongside the augmented staff to increase productivity and efficiency. Staff augmentation is usually of highly skilled experts who know their work and are trusted to maximize the work rate to finish the project as soon as possible. Industries like Information Technology have a high flow of work, and staff augmentation is beneficial in completing the projects with focused teams and experts according to every task. There are 5 great reasons you must consider IT staff augmentation for your big projects. 

5 great reasons you must consider


It is the most cost-effective way to increase the staff for a specific project. The company doesn’t have to bear the cost of a full-time resource and its seating arrangements. Moreover, you pay for the particular project only and don’t have to pay regardless of the availability of any project or not. Therefore, the budget doesn’t get overwhelmed while the work gets done, and that too in an expert and professional manner. Especially for short-term projects like eCommerce WordPress development, the hired individual has to work for that specific project only with complete focus and efficiency. It also maintains the quality of talent that the company usually employs because sometimes the augmented team has only one particular skill set at which they are an expert. 

IT staff augmentation leads to cost savings; it offers a highly cost-effective solution. You only bring in extra resources when needed, stopping the ongoing overheads of maintaining a large in-house team. This approach to resource utilization guarantees that you’re allocating your budget precisely where it’s needed, helping with cost efficiency.

Allows skill-based hiring

It allows web development companies to hire people according to their skills. If they require someone for professional web development, they will look for a highly skilled individual at it regardless of their expertise in other categories. This way, the company is not forced to pay anyone whether or not they are helpful for a particular project. Only the professionals with relevant experience and skills are hired; they do their job and are compensated accordingly. It also allows you to enhance the proficiency of the permanent staff. Once you observe where your team needs support, you can hire a skill professional through staff augmentation. The temporary staff will work on the given project and help the permanent staff.  

Allows business scaling

It allows you staff scaling affordably. You increase the staff and labor input without bearing the high cost of permanent employees. Businesses hire professional and highly skilled experts according to the needs of the projects without affording a full-time employee, which allows quick business scaling. Usually, organizations have a fluctuating workload that sometimes is a lot while some months there are hardly any. In such cases, the temporary staff helps provide their skillset on a project-by-project basis, and during high workload, it gets easier to meet deadlines, comply with clients’ demands and take on more projects. The business continues to grow without directly impacting the expenses and reputation of project failure. Since all the tasks get complete focus from the respective augmented staff, Shopify app development would require Shopify expert developers to do the job, while the rest of the team can work on other projects. 

You are still in complete control

The most significant advantage of staff augmentation is that the company is in total control. Unlike other outsourcing options, the project remains in your possession, and you decide its progress. You can observe and decide the staff’s abilities and proficiency whether they are handling it well or not. Moreover, you can also check the progress to ensure it meets the company standard and does not disappoint the client, unlike in project outsourcing, where you have to hand over the project to a third party where all the details are also given, and privacy is compromised. For example, if it’s a Shopify project, you can easily ensure that the Shopify experts developers are going to be dealing with the clients according to your company values. If you feel that it is not up to the mark, you always have the option to discontinue their services and find a better resource. 

IT staff augmentation helps enhance knowledge and skills within your team. For example, as certified Magento developers collaborate with your in-house staff, there’s an exchange of ideas and best practices. This learning environment not only promotes the skills of your current team but ensures that your business remains at the forefront of Magento services.

Unbiased Opinion Considering Professional Website Development

Some professional website development requires an unbiased, honest opinion to get successful. However, the permanent staff is not always comfortable being brutally honest regarding any project, and staff augmentation comes in handy. Outsiders will have an unbiased opinion without any fear or inclination. It will help you look at your work from a different perspective and maybe from the client’s perspective, which will be beneficial to make it perfect according to the client’s expectations. For instance, it is professional web development; an outsider will be unbiased and point out any big or small flaw that he may find. You will fix it before delivering the final draft to the client. 

For major industries like IT, staff augmentation is the best way to maintain the workflow without affecting the employees’ performance and the yearly budget. It opens up many opportunities for the company to flourish and grow. If you consider staff augmentation for all your Magento services in the upcoming year then you can deliver the best quality work with certified Magento developers to retain the clients and make them permanent ones. There are no drawbacks or security concerns in this type of outsourcing, hence why it is so much better and practical. 


In major industries like IT, staff augmentation arises as a solution and a helping hand in growth. The learning environment it promotes, combined with the unbiased insights professionals bring, contributes to advancing the knowledge and skills within the team. As we look ahead, considering staff augmentation for necessary projects becomes a strategic move, ensuring workflow, client fulfillment, and business growth.

The lack of drawbacks or security concerns arranges IT staff augmentation as a transforming force, ready to drive businesses into a future of enhanced productivity and success. Embrace the possibility, open new opportunities, and leverage the expertise of certified professionals to make your mark in IT services.