5 Ways to Improve Website Speed Performance in 2022
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5 Ways to Improve Website Speed Performance in 2022

If you have a website for your business where the customers actively visit to purchase or get info about your products, you must maintain their quality and performance. While the look and feel play an essential role in convincing the visitors to make a purchase, the performance and smoothness are much more critical. A lagging and slow website does not please anyone, and instead, the visitors get frustrated and leave the website. Moreover, a poor-quality website will completely tarnish your brand’s trustworthiness for a first-time visitor, and they would assume your product/service to be of low quality as well. 

We live in a digital era, and there is no way you can escape its requirements. Most businesses earn more than half of their revenue from their online store, and therefore, having an online presence is essential. A good, fully functional website comes on top of the list to build a trustworthy brand image. Following are some of the points which will increase website speed. 

Check the size of the images.

When visitors come to your site, they have to load all the images on the website to view the pictures and have a complete experience. If you have been using a platform that allows uploading any size of images, it can be problematic at the user’s end because the pictures could be huge, affecting the overall load time. 

If your website has been lagging and you think the images are bigger than required, there is a straightforward solution. There are many photo editing software that can image resize according to the requirements. You can use those to make your pictures more web-friendly and enhance the load time of your website. 

Ask your designated graphic designer to fix the image size or use any photo editing software. For example, image resizing can be done on Windows Paint software or Mac Preview software. 

Use a CDN for better speed. 

CDN is known as the content delivery network, a group of servers spread across a specific geographical area that contributes to delivering web content to the users according to their location. 

An example could be, you have a setup in the United States, so the website is based on that IP. Therefore, a visitor from Europe will experience a long load time due to the long distance the information has to travel. CDN will help cut down the load time by spreading the information on different servers across the globe. 

Get rid of unnecessary plugins.

Plugins are a great way to customize the user experience and provide them with more functions in a go, but it could be a significant cause of slow websites and longer load times. Using too many plugins affects the websites’ load time, so it is advised to remove any unnecessary plugins. Often removing unwanted plugins improves load time by 2-3 seconds, which is huge in the online world. 

Go through the plugins present on your website and identify useful and unnecessary ones. Then, remove all the plugins that are not putting too much value on your website or the user experience. Furthermore, ensure that the remaining plugins are of high quality because cheap plugins are usually not updated and use large scripts. Such plugins consume a lot of space on the site and increase the overall load time of the website. 

Enable browser caching 

Browser caching is the best solution for improving load time. Browser caching is the ability to store downloadable files of a website on a specific browser. It will save time and space since the next time the visitor opens the website, only the updated files will take time to load. However, it increases the load time ten folds and decreases the bandwidth used on the server’s and the user’s end. 

Plugins are the easiest way to enable browser caching on a website. There are a lot of plugins available online, and you can do your research to find the best-suited one for your website. Nevertheless, browsing caching accelerates the website speed in the best possible way. 

The right web host

Ensure that the web host you are getting is advanced and worth the money. Good web hosts constantly invest in their architecture to improve performance and give a better experience to their clients. At the same time, cheap quality web hosts can get you in trouble as serious as hacking and data theft. Therefore, it is always wise to invest in high-quality and reliable web hosting to maintain your website speed. 

Website plays a vital role in building a brand image. Therefore, it is crucial to have a good quality website. We have discussed some points on how to increase website speed which will help you build your brand as a trustworthy and reliable choice.