How to build a relationship of trust with your website visitors?

How to build a relationship of trust with your website visitors?

Every strong relationship is built on trust. So is the one with your customers. Businesses should put in extra effort to build trust with the customers. It is essential because, without trust, the customers won’t invest their time, energy, and especially money in your business. They need to understand the dynamics and ethics of the company to be able to trust it. In the current era of the internet and everything going online, there are many more chances of a scam than in the older times. 

Cybercrime is very much real, and it is said that the next war will be of cyber. Data theft and personal information mining are two major privacy concerns these days. Therefore, trust helps businesses more than the customers in these times. 

However, it is not a piece of cake to gain someone’s trust, let alone a person investing their money. Therefore, online businesses should pay extra attention to customer trust. They do not even see the product/service in reality and believe everything is written/provided on the website or social media channel. Furthermore, every online transaction has a risk of privacy breach/information compromise, and therefore, customers prefer to be extra careful. Following are some ways you can ensure your website visitors trust you. 

Displaying GDPR cookies notice

Displaying GDPR cookies notice

From a legal point of view, General Data Protection Regulation ensures the trustworthiness of any brand. If your website is notifying you about cookie information, your visitors will feel that their privacy is being respected. It is essential to credibility as it confirms your awareness of all the fundamental and technical ethics of doing a business. The data collected during a transaction and the tracking by any website through cookies on the browser all come under GDPR. The visitor must consent to the website’s cookies before further scrolling it, apart from the safelist and necessary cookies. 

Owning a certified secure connection 

Seeing a Secure Sockets Layer certificate builds up the buyers’ trust from a technical aspect. It is used on some of the significant browsers merely to warn users about the security of their website. SSL certificates assure the users about the following things:

  • The website is not faking your identity.
  • Their connection is secure.
  • An independent certificate authority has verified & certified the website. 

It increases your respectability and security. Websites that are operating without SSL show up with an ‘insecure connection’ warning on the browser’s address bar. Moreover, websites with incorrect or untrusted certificates get blocked by every browser. A prominent warning page shows up instead, requiring multiple clicks to get through it. 

Social proof 

It is a general strategy where the actions of someone are used as a reflection of the correct choice. It serves as proof. People prefer to shop and avail themselves from businesses from whom someone has bought or benefited in the past, and their experience was better. The companies use numerous methods for social proof. 

Clear contact information 

The contact information for your business must be very clearly visible on the website. Visitors must view it conveniently and should not have to put in extra effort to find it. When there is a phone number or an email present on the website, customers feel secure because they can reach out to someone if there is an issue. It also shows that the brand is not a scam and is adequately registered managed by a team of professionals available at a phone call. 

Display of certificates and awards

If you have received any awards or certificates, always put them up on the website, easily visible. It shows that you are professionally recognized for all your hard work and efforts going into the product or service. 

Mention of past clients

Put up the number of clients you have served as it shows the value and place of any business in its respective industry. The best strategy to showcase the past clients is to put up their companies’ logos. Logos are easy to remember and recognize, and when visitors see a well-reputed company’s logo on your list, they will feel secure and confident in trusting you. 


Reviews and testimonials are an essential part of the website as well. It shows that other people are using the said service and are also satisfied with it. Therefore, it attracts more customers, and the visitors can easily trust it. Moreover, it assures them the reliability of your brand when real people talk about it. 

Stay transparent

Transparency and sharing everything is the key to a strong bond with lots of trust. Just like human relationships, businesses can also follow this trick to gain the trust of their website visitors. Always stay transparent with the consumer regarding anything related to them. It could be no hidden charges or no fine print. Regardless, transparency by any brand is a sea breeze, and customers feel more comfortable buying from you. 

Gaining customers’ trust is very important for any business to get successful. In the long run, there would hardly be any sales without the trust factor, let alone regular and loyal customers. There are some technical and straightforward ways to build a trustworthy relationship to which brands must pay attention.