How can UI UX design best practices help build trust?

How can UI UX design best practices help build trust?

UI UX design is the heartbeat that pulsates through every user interaction. 

Establishing trust is a complicated and continuous process that begins with a partnership between two individuals. As a result, trust is relational and needs communication. As a business or brand, design is important for developing trust. We connect with our users through design, whether it be through clear language or illustrations.

Every interaction a user has with your eCommerce website affects their relationship with you, whether good or bad. Building trust and fostering user loyalty requires thoughtful design considering each user journey stage. 

Let’s understand how to increase trust in your website or app.

Understanding what is UI UX Design

User Interface stands on the visual elements of a digital interface, ensuring it is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. On the other hand, User Experience design is concerned with the experience users have when interacting with a product or service. 

What are the UX/UI design Best Practices for Trust Building

Every time a user interacts with your product with a digital component, it can either positively or negatively impact their overall experience with your brand. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a good UI/UX design that considers every step in the user journey, as it plays a fundamental role in building trust and user loyalty. Trust is the foundation of UX/UI design. Which UX/UI design elements can be utilized to foster a better relationship with users?

  1. Responsive UI UX Design: This design helps your website or app work well on different screens and sizes. It gives users a smooth experience no matter what device they use.
  1. Accessible Design: Designing with accessibility means making your platform for everyone. This makes users feel respected and builds trust.
  1. Clear Call-to-Actions: When buttons and links are clear, and in the right places, users know what to do. This gives them confidence and control over the platform. 
  1. User Feedback Integration: Users trust a platform more when they can see what others think. There are many ways you can do this, but keep it simple. Adding reviews, ratings, and testimonials clarifies the information.   
  1. Security Measures: Keeping user data safe is a must. Showing security measures like SSL certificates and secure payment methods builds a foundation of trust. 
  1. Empathy in Design: Understanding users’ feelings and designing with care improves the experience. A user-centric approach builds connection and trust. 

  2. Design Improvement: Always checking how users behave, listening to feedback, and improving the design based on what we learn shows a commitment to improve, which builds trust in users.

Explore Our UI UX Designers Trust-worthy Case Studies

Tekglide’s UI UX design services help build a solid online presence and establish a unique brand identity. Our focus is on creating an intuitive user interface that guides visitors through the website seamlessly, with a visually appealing design. 

According to the Stanford Web Credibility Research program, every choice you make in how your website or app looks can make people trust it more or less. 


Our UI UX design process ensures more than a brand that looks good, but that represents your values and connects with customers to create loyalty that lasts a lifetime.

Our UI UX designers revamped FitBodega’s homepage with a hipster-style design that captures attention. They added three landing pages dedicated to showcasing the best-selling products to enhance user engagement and promote our key offerings. Tekglide’s design approach extends to the user-friendly admin interface, allowing us to effortlessly modify images, content, and even product names. 

We incorporated an exit-intent popup to add an interactive touch, enhancing user retention and encouraging conversions. Our commitment to creating a seamless and captivating user journey has significantly contributed to our brand’s success in delivering a memorable online experience.


US Jewelry

Tekglide’s UI UX design services enhanced the brand experience for a prominent US jewelry website. Through a redesign, we sought to boost the website’s aesthetics, functionality, and performance. 

The result was a visually appealing and cohesive brand presence, building a deeper connection with visitors. Performance optimization improved the user experience and positively impacted search engine rankings.

Our UI UX designers elevated the brand experience for the US jewelry website and presented a high-performing platform in the competitive online jewelry market.

US Jewelry


In conclusion, using good UI UX design practices is important to make users trust websites. A website or app that looks nice and is easy to use makes users feel more confident and happy. Simple navigation, easy-to-understand design, and buttons placed in the right spots help users move around smoothly and feel in control. Tekglide makes sure the design works for everyone and is inclusive and builds trust with different types of users. Also, listening to what users say, being transparent about security, and designing with care all contribute to users feeling good about the platform.