What Is Magento and Why It Should Be Used?

What Is Magento and Why It Should Be Used?

The digital landscapes have transformed 180 degrees in the last few years. Technology has developed at such a fast pace that every sector is still trying its best to keep up with the advancements. This digital innovation has enabled businesses and brands to maintain a strong representation and streamlined processes on the internet. 

The business market is also battling to make its way to the targeted audience efficiently. On the same side, the advent of technology has also increased business opportunities as well via boosting the trend of online business. This has encouraged customers to shop with convenience just browse, select, order, and receive the goods from the businesses within a few clicks. Though, the more convenient it sounds; it is not a piece of cake for the business owners because initiating and managing the eCommerce business is not easy at all! 

The fact is, business launches always come with several (yet exceptional) challenges. From the seamless and hustle-free process of shopping to customers and business management for maximum reach and smooth operations; their journey is a bumpy rollercoaster ride. 

Whether it’s about providing the best customer support or convenient experience, order processing, or payment details; businesses nowadays have holistic eCommerce solutions. Nevertheless, there are several eCommerce software available in the market but Magento has is leading the and has become the demanding preference of professionals, specifically for its offered features and benefits.

Before diving into the reasons of ‘Why Magento should be used as the eCommerce solution’, let us first have a glance at what Magento is! 

What Is Magento? A Quick & Comprehensive Introduction! 

Magento is an eCommerce solution platform. This is an open-source e-commerce platform entitled in the programming language of PHP. Initially released in 2008, the software was acquired by Adobe Inc. in 2018 for $1.88 billion. 

The PHP-based eCommerce platform is known and used worldwide for its enabling cohesive eCommerce website development. Also, for its capability to harbor popular Content Management System-CMS, for global online shops. 

The Magento website development solution is providing online merchants and business owners a flexible and easy-to-use cart system and payment processing options. In the competitive business market, what makes the brand stand out from others is its uniqueness and user-friendly experience. This is where Magento wins the race as it provides seamless and essential eCommerce solutions. 

This wouldn’t be a surprise to state that Magento is the complete unit of providing the best marketing tools, facilities of search engine optimization, along with a catalog, and content management tools. Moreover, the world’s greatest merchandises and mega brands including the Ford, Nike, Christian Louboutin, and Bulgari use Magento as well. 

Magento is one of those three platforms to which businesses have preferred most in the year of pandemic. It has also been listed as 1 out of 10 leading eCommerce platforms for 2021, globally. 

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The businesses earning huge value from the open-source free platform of Magento and this is empowering 1% of the internet! The platform has become the second most popular medium of eCommerce business globally while its online sales are expected to raise $224 billion.

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There are two editions of the Magento eCommerce platform; Magento Opensource (Community edition) and Magento Commerce (Enterprise edition). 

The Opensource Magento is a free version that can be downloaded, self-hosted, and customized. For small-scale businesses, the Opensource Magento works well. The second version is the premium one and has a yearly subscription fee. This enterprise edition has some advanced marketing features as well. 

Top Reasons Showcasing Why Magento Should Be Your Priority?

Are you planning to launch an online business store or do you want to switch your eCommerce platform? If that’s the case then Magento is one of the best options to consider. Also, you can consider the services of Magento eCommerce development for this purpose. 

For the businesses and the individuals who are looking forward to longer-term and professional eCommerce growth, Magento must be a priority. The flexible shopping cart system and hustle-free payment process along with optimized functionality. 

This fact can never be denied that eCommerce is the fastest developing and growing platform that is having a wide range of options. Businesses are looking forward to more advancement in terms of custom Magento development to enhance their customers’ engagement and to boost sales. 

There are so many features and factors that must be considered while choosing the eCommerce platform. These components encourage developing a great site for eCommerce, set-up, and run the entire store. Also, the technologies incorporated in the Magento do not require a person to be tech-savvy! 

This article encompasses the top reasons because of which Magento must be your first, professional, and, go-to-choice for the eCommerce platform solution. Let’s get down to the study to find them out. 

An Open-Source Platform:

One of the main reasons for using Magento is it is an open-source platform. The open-source code means that it can be easily customized. Also, the open-source code can undergo all the changes to meet the requirements of the clients. 

The community edition of the Magento is completely free and can be used by small-scale businesses. People can find a huge library of modules at Magento marketplace as well. 

Provision Of Ironclad Security:

In this competitive and digital era, there is always a huge risk of fraud and theft of data. Nothing is secured enough as per the people’s requirements. Everyone wants 100% security of their private information and confidential data.

 This leading eCommerce platform is also leading in terms of security. The experts and Magento consultants are bringing ironclad security features to ensure the secrecy of the platform for every business. 

Excellent Community Growth:

Magento has now gathered a huge number of developers, product, project managers, programmers, CEO specialists, bloggers, and marketers from all over the world. This community of people is helping the merchants to achieve better results. 

The marketplace of Magento is increasing swiftly and the community of the eCommerce solution platform is expanding its boundaries. 

Consistent and Superior Support:

The community of the Magento is growing tremendously. Since there comes so many different options in the versions and the newest modules release with numerous updates, there are so many Magento solution partners and development companies that offer support and backing. 

Magento platform is changing consistently to develop newer models. There are professionals and plenty of companies to opt for that can provide you with the best eCommerce experience. 

Flexible Ecommerce Platform:

As discussed above that Magento is an open-source code e-commerce solution platform, the merchants are making so many changes that could bring ideas to life. Also, the platform could be easily customized and can meet all the requirements of the merchants in the business sector. 

If you are looking to transform your website completely, then consider the option of Magento flexibility can help you do wonders with your website of an eCommerce store. 

Enhanced Performance and Multi-Store Feature:

The platform of Magento is completely efficient with the query processing time and also it comes up with dynamic/static operations. Here, the Magento platform is again a winner and ensures to bring optimum performance. 

Magento also allows the movement of the business to the global scope management that separates store views for other states and each has its catalog from one admin panel. 

Scalability and Speed Optimization:

Magento offers exceptional customization and is easy to use as well. This offers the users a choice and the opportunity to develop their eCommerce store. The scalability feature is extremely powerful to save your efforts and time as well. 

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, make sure the pages of the site are loading faster. Magento also enhances the high-quality speed optimization to load the web pages instantly. 

SEO-Friendly Platform:

SEO serves as the backbone for businesses and it would grow more with time. This is one of the most essential components for the Magento CMS and it is designed as an SEO-friendly platform. There are several SEO features in the Magento platform. 

From the SEO-friendly URL structure to the positioning layers, tags, and descriptions; Magento offers all the SEO features that you must use to drive traffic. 

Software Integrating and User-Friendly:

The Magento for eCommerce websites allows you to integrate swiftly with a large number of third-party services. This includes payment gateways, database, shipping, order tracking, and transportation, etc. 

This eCommerce platform is totally easy to use and brings an amazing user-friendly experience to the merchants for their eCommerce stores. 

Mobile Experience:

We are living in the digital era; hence we are being addicted to smartphones. The online world is completely mobile-dominant. To market the business and to make it successful, Magento eCommerce is compatible with smartphones as well. 

Magento platform also can adjust the size of the image and it also supports the videos. The excellent mobile shopping experience is also mind-blowing. 

The Bottom Line:

This ultimate and comprehensive guide is encompassing the importance of the Magento eCommerce platform in this digital world. The aforementioned reasons highlighted why Magento is the best solution for eCommerce websites and why businesses are opting for this one platform specifically.